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The !top command is part of the StreamElements loyalty system. It allows users to view leaderboards for various metrics, including points and watchtime.


To use the !top command, type !top followed by the desired leaderboard type in chat.

!top <type>


  • <type> (optional): The type of leaderboard to display. Valid options are:
    • points: Shows the top users based on loyalty points
    • alltime: Displays the all-time leaderboard
    • online: Shows the top users based on online watchtime
    • offline: Displays the top users based on offline watchtime

If no type is provided, the command will show the available options.


  1. To view the top users based on points:
!top points

Example output:

Top 5 nammers: 1. darkoe (2147483647), 2. nuuls (101404825), 3. streamelements (512211), 4. vinicin229 (28000), 5. zzzrapha (14000)
  1. To view the available leaderboard types:

Example output:

Available Commands: !top points/alltime/online/offline. You can see the nammers Leaderboard here: