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The !level command is used to show/set a level of a user.


  • <username> (required): The username of the person you want to check or set the level.
  • <value> (optional): The level value.
  • reset (optional): Reset the level to 100.

Possible values

  • 100 - normal user (default value)
  • 250 - subscriber (automatically set for a subscriber)
  • 300 - regular
  • 400 - VIP (automatically set for a VIP)
  • 500 - mod (automatically set for a moderator)
  • 1000 - supermod

Note: Although subscriber, VIP and mod are automatically set, you can also manually define the same level to a specific user. Useful if you want to create a command only for subscribers, but also want to permit a specific user to be able to run that command.


!level <username>

!level <username> <value>

!level <username> reset

Example input

!level darkoe

!level darkoe 500

!level darkoe reset

Example output

@styler, the level of darkoe is 100

@styler, successfully set darkoe's level to 500, you can reset it with !level darkoe reset

@styler, successfully reset darkoe's level to 100 Kappa

Example error

@styler, usage !level USER 500/reset

@styler, valid levels are: 100 (pleb), 250 (sub), 300 (regular), 400 (VIP), 500 (mod), 1000 (supermod)