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The !raffle command allows streamers and moderators to create interactive raffles with multiple winners. This feature engages viewers by giving them a chance to win prizes or recognition during the stream.


!raffle <amount> <duration>


  1. Start a raffle with a 100 point reward that lasts for 60 seconds:

    !raffle 100 60


    The Multi-Raffle for 100 points will end in 60 Seconds. Enter by typing "!join"
  2. Create a longer raffle with a larger reward:

    !raffle 500 180


    The Multi-Raffle for 500 points will end in 180 Seconds. Enter by typing "!join"


  • <amount> (required): The total reward (pot) for the raffle, which will be distributed among the winners.
  • <duration> (required): The duration of the raffle in seconds.
  • !join: Used by viewers to enter an active raffle.
  • !cancelraffle: Allows moderators to cancel an ongoing raffle.


Moderators can configure raffle settings, such as the maximum number of winners or cooldown period between raffles, through the StreamElements dashboard.


By default, there are no aliases for the !raffle command. However, streamers can create custom aliases through the StreamElements dashboard if desired.