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The !nukeusername command is used to perform a timeout, ban, or deletion on a user's activity in the chat. This command will search the user's activity for a specified string and perform the specified action on the user if the string is found. This command will error if the user is not found in the chat.


  • lookback in seconds: This is the time window in the past in which to search for the user's activity.
  • timeout in seconds, 'ban' or 'delete': This is the action to perform on the user. It can be a timeout for a specified number of seconds, a ban, or a deletion of the user's activity.
  • match string, for regex, wrap in slashes /abc/: This is the string to match in the user's activity. If a regular expression is used, it should be wrapped in slashes.

Example Input

!nukeusername 60 60 /test/

Example Output

Nuking 2 chatters ☢ ️ ☢ ️ ☢ ️ This will take about 1 secs ☢ ️ ☢ ️ ☢ ️