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The !nukeusername command is a powerful moderation tool in StreamElements chatbot. It allows moderators to search a user's recent chat activity for specific content and take action if a match is found. Actions can include timeouts, bans, or message deletions.


!nukeusername <lookback_seconds> <action> <match_pattern>


  • <lookback_seconds>: The time window (in seconds) to search for the user's activity.
  • <action>: The action to perform on the user. Can be:
    • A number (for timeout duration in seconds)
    • 'ban' (to ban the user)
    • 'delete' (to delete the user's messages)
  • <match_pattern>: The string or pattern to match in the user's messages. For regex patterns, wrap in slashes (e.g., /pattern/).


  1. Timeout a user for 60 seconds if they've said "test" in the last minute:

    !nukeusername 60 60 test
  2. Ban a user if they've used a regex pattern in the last 2 minutes:

    !nukeusername 120 ban /\d{3}-\d{3}-\d{4}/
  • !nuke: Nuke users based on message content


The !nukeusername command is available to moderators and the broadcaster by default. Custom permissions can be set up in the StreamElements dashboard.


There are no default aliases for this command. Custom aliases can be created in the StreamElements dashboard.