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The !skip command is used to skip the currently playing song in the StreamElements mediarequest queue. This command is useful for streamers and moderators who want to quickly move to the next song in the queue.


To use the !skip command, simply type it in the chat:


Note: This command will only work if there's a song currently playing in the mediarequest queue. If no song is playing, an error message will be displayed.


Successful Skip

When a song is currently playing:

User: !skip
Chatbot: @User, skipped song: Drake, 21 Savage - Rich Flex (Audio)

Error Message

When no song is currently playing:

User: !skip
Chatbot: @User, no song is currently playing.


The !skip command does not require any parameters.

  • !song: Displays information about the currently playing song
  • !songqueue: Shows the current mediarequest queue
  • !songrequest: Adds a song to the mediarequest queue


The !skip command is typically enabled by default in StreamElements chatbot. However, you may want to configure who has permission to use this command. You can do this in your StreamElements dashboard:

  1. Go to the Bot section
  2. Find the !skip command in the command list
  3. Adjust the permission settings as needed (e.g., Moderator only, Everyone, etc.)


Some common aliases for the !skip command include:

  • !nextsong
  • !ns