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The !alerts command allows streamers and moderators to dynamically manage stream alerts during a live broadcast. This powerful tool helps create a smoother viewing experience by controlling alert playback, volume, and timing on the fly.


!alerts <action>


  1. Mute all alert sounds:
!alerts mute
  1. Skip the currently playing alert:
!alerts skip


  • mute: Turns off alert sounds
  • unmute: Turns on alert sounds
  • skip: Skips the currently playing alert
  • pause: Pauses alert playback
  • unpause: Resumes alert playback


The !alerts command is available by default for streamers and moderators. To customize access permissions:

  1. Go to your StreamElements dashboard
  2. Navigate to the Chatbot section
  3. Find the !alerts command in the command list
  4. Adjust the user level permissions as needed