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This section aims to help you quickly resolve common issues you might encounter with the StreamElements Chatbot and answer frequently asked questions.


Chatbot Not Responding

  • Check if the bot is currently active in your channel. You can do this by going to your StreamElements dashboard and ensuring the bot is turned on.
  • Ensure the bot is not banned or ignored in your channel. Sometimes, the bot might have been accidentally banned, which would prevent it from posting messages.

Commands Not Working

  • Verify the command syntax. Ensure that the command is typed correctly, including the prefix (usually !).
  • Check command settings. Some commands may be set to work only for moderators or the streamer. You can adjust these settings in your StreamElements dashboard.
  • Command cooldown. If a command was recently used, it might be on cooldown. Check the command's settings to see if there's a cooldown period set.

Timers Not Triggering

  • Check the timer settings. Ensure the timers are enabled and configured with the correct intervals and chat lines required to trigger.
  • Insufficient chat activity. Some timers require a minimum amount of chat activity to trigger. Encourage your viewers to be more active in chat.


How do I add the StreamElements Chatbot to my channel?

To add the chatbot to your channel, go to your StreamElements dashboard, navigate to the Chatbot section, and follow the instructions for adding the bot to your channel.

Can I create custom commands?

Yes, you can create custom commands through the StreamElements dashboard under the "Commands" section. Here, you can define the command name, response, and other settings like cooldowns and user level restrictions.

How do I set up moderation filters?

Moderation filters can be set up in the StreamElements dashboard under the "Spam Filters" section. You can configure filters for links, caps, symbols, and more to keep your chat clean and safe.

Can the chatbot respond to commands with custom messages?

Yes, the chatbot can respond to commands with custom messages that you define. You can set these messages when creating or editing a command in your StreamElements dashboard.

How do I remove the chatbot from my channel?

If you wish to remove the chatbot from your channel, you can do so by going to the Chatbot section in your StreamElements dashboard and selecting the option to part the bot from your channel.

If your issue isn't listed here or if you have more questions, please visit our Discord or contact our Support Team for further assistance.