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The !queue command is a powerful tool for managing viewer queues during live streams. It allows streamers and moderators to control who joins the queue, pick participants, and manage the overall queue state.


The basic syntax for the !queue command is:

!queue <subcommand> [parameters]


  1. Randomly select a viewer from the queue:

    !queue pick random
  2. Remove a specific viewer from the queue:

    !queue remove JohnDoe123


The !queue command uses various subcommands as parameters:

  • pick: Select a viewer from the queue
    • username: Manually select a specific viewer
    • random: Randomly select a viewer
  • remove <username>: Remove a specific viewer from the queue
  • list: Display the full list of viewers in the queue
  • position: Show a viewer's position in the queue
  • close: Close the queue to new entries
  • pause: Temporarily stop viewers from joining the queue
  • unpause: Re-open the queue for viewers to join


Here's a detailed explanation of each subcommand:

  1. Picking viewers

    • To manually pick a viewer: !queue pick *username*
    • To randomly pick a viewer: !queue pick random
  2. Managing the queue

    • To remove a viewer: !queue remove *username*
    • To view the full queue: !queue list
    • To check a viewer's position: !queue position
  3. Controlling queue state

    • To close the queue: !queue close
    • To pause new entries: !queue pause
    • To resume accepting entries: !queue unpause


Streamers can customize the !queue command behavior through the StreamElements dashboard. Options may include:

  • Setting queue size limits
  • Customizing messages for queue actions
  • Restricting queue access to specific user roles