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The !sraffle command initiates a single raffle event in your stream chat. This command allows you to quickly create an engaging activity for your viewers, offering them a chance to win loyalty points.


!sraffle [win_points] [duration]


  1. Start a raffle with default settings:

  2. Create a raffle for 500 points lasting 100 seconds:

    !sraffle 500 100


  • win_points (optional): The amount of points the winner will receive. If not specified, a default amount will be used.
  • duration (optional): The duration of the raffle in seconds. If not specified, a default duration will be applied.
  • !join: Viewers use this command to enter the raffle.
  • !points: Allows viewers to check their current point balance.


The default values for win_points and duration can be configured in your StreamElements dashboard under the Chatbot settings.


You can customize the raffle announcement message in your StreamElements dashboard. This allows you to personalize the text and emotes used when a raffle begins.

Examples of Bot Responses

When you start a raffle, the bot will announce it in chat. For example:

PogChamp A Raffle has begun for 500 points PogChamp It will end in 100 seconds. Enter by typing "!join" OpieOP

Remember, viewers must type !join to participate in the raffle. The winner will be randomly selected and announced when the raffle ends.