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The !deny command allows users to reject an incoming duel request in Twitch chat. This command is part of the Duel module in StreamElements chatbot and helps manage interactions between viewers.


To deny a duel request, simply type !deny in the chat when you have an active duel request.


Here are two examples of how the !deny command works:

  1. Rejecting a duel request:
Viewer: !deny
Chatbot: @Viewer, you have denied the duel request from Challenger.
  1. Using !deny without an active request:
Viewer: !deny
Chatbot: @Viewer, you don't have any pending duel requests to deny.


The !deny command does not require any additional parameters.

  • !duel: Initiates a duel request with another viewer
  • !accept: Accepts an incoming duel request


The !deny command is part of the Duel module. Ensure that the Duel module is enabled in your StreamElements chatbot settings to use this command.


By default, there are no aliases for the !deny command. However, moderators can create custom aliases if needed.