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The !ticket command allows viewers to purchase tickets for ongoing giveaways in a stream. This command is part of the StreamElements chatbot loyalty system and enables viewers to participate in raffles and win prizes.


To use the !ticket command, type it in the chat followed by the number of tickets you want to purchase. If no number is specified, it defaults to buying one ticket.

!ticket <number_of_tickets>


  1. Buying a single ticket:


    Output: @Username, you successfully bought 1 ticket!

  2. Buying multiple tickets:

    !ticket 5

    Output: @Username, you successfully bought 5 tickets!


  • <number_of_tickets> (optional): The number of tickets you want to purchase. If not specified, defaults to 1.
  • !giveaway: Used by moderators to start or manage giveaways
  • !points: Check your current loyalty points balance


  • !enter: Can be used interchangeably with !ticket


Streamers can configure the cost of tickets and the maximum number of tickets a viewer can purchase. This is typically done through the StreamElements dashboard.