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Weather variable


The $(weather) variable displays current weather conditions for a specified location. It provides temperature, feels-like temperature, weather description, wind information, humidity, visibility, and air pressure.


$(weather "location")

Replace location with the desired city and state/country.


  1. Getting weather for New York City:
$(weather "New York, NY")


New York, United States of America: 🌞 27.2 °C (81.0 °F). Feels like 29.5 °C (85.2 °F). Partly cloudy. Wind is blowing from the North at 3.6 km/h (2.2 mp/h). 58% humidity. Visibility: 16 km (9 miles). Air pressure: 1016 hPa.
  1. Getting weather for London, UK:
$(weather "London, UK")


London, United Kingdom: 🌞 13.1 °C (55.6 °F). Feels like 11.7 °C (53.0 °F). Moderate or heavy rain with thunder. Wind is blowing from the West at 13.0 km/h (8.1 mp/h). 88% humidity. Visibility: 7 km (4 miles). Air pressure: 1009 hPa.


  • location: The location for which you want to retrieve weather information. Format as "City, State" for US locations or "City, Country" for international locations.