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This variable is currently in beta. It may be subject to change.


Outputs an argument from the command.


Learn how to use channel-specific variables in your Twitch chatbot to display channel name, viewers, followers, subscribers, and more.


Displays the command name counter and increments by one.


Makes a request to a specified URL and the response is returned.


Lists the active FrankerFaceZ emotes in the channel.


Returns the current value of a counter without incrementing it.


Outputs the summoner rank and LP of a specified League of Legends player


Outputs the result of a math.js expression.


Outputs the message ID of the message that triggered the command.


Displays a randomly saved quote.


Allows you to generate random output from a list of options.


Displays the message sender’s display name


Displays the current stock price of a given stock symbol.


Displays either the first word after the command $[1], or the sender’s name. This is an alias for $(1|sender)


Displays the uptime of the current stream


Displays the user’s display name


Displays the current weather conditions for a given location.