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The slotmachine module is an interactive chat game. In this game, users can wager their points on a virtual slot machine that is based on emotes.

How the game works:

  1. The game begins when a user initiates the command !slots <points>.
  2. The slot machine spins and randomly stops on a combination of emotes.
  3. If the user gets three of the same emotes, they win and receive a payout based on their wager. If not, they lose the points they wagered.


  • !slots - Starts a game of slot machine.


  • Points can be expressed in several ways:
    • As a percentage of the user's total points. For example, !slot 50% will wager 50% of the user's points.
    • Using k to represent thousands. For example, !slot 5k will wager 5000 points.
    • Using m to represent millions. For example, !slot 1m will wager 1,000,000 points.