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The Emote filter helps manage the use of emotes in chat messages. It checks the number of emotes in a message and compares them with the set limit. If a message violates this limit, the filter takes action according to the configured settings.

Supported Settings

  • Timeout duration: This is the duration (in seconds) for which a user will be timed out if their message violates the emote limit.
  • Excluded user groups: These are the user groups that are exempt from the emote filter. Messages from users in these groups will not be checked by the filter.
  • Custom timeout message: This is the message that will be displayed when a user is timed out due to a violation of the emote limit. This message can be customized to provide specific information about the violation and the timeout.
  • Maximum amount: This is the maximum number of emotes allowed in a message. If a message contains more emotes than this limit, it will be flagged by the filter.