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Getting Started with Timers


Timers allow you to automatically post announcements, social links, schedules, or any other messages at regular intervals in your chat. This guide will help you set up and manage timers using the StreamElements chatbot.

Step 1 - Access the Bot Timers Dashboard

  1. Navigate to your StreamElements dashboard.
  2. Go to the Bot section and select "Timers".

Step 2 - Create a New Timer

  1. Click the "ADD NEW TIMER" button in the top right corner.
  2. In the expanded timer settings, enter a name for your timer in the "Timer name" field.

Step 3 - Configure Timer Settings

  1. Message: Enter the message you want the timer to post in the "Enter a message" field.

  2. Intervals:

    • Set the "Online interval" in minutes. This is how often the timer will post when your stream is live.
    • Set the "Offline interval" in minutes. This determines how often the timer will post when you're not streaming.
  3. Chat Lines: Specify the minimum number of chat lines required in the last 5 minutes to activate the timer. This prevents the timer from posting in an inactive chat.

  4. Stream Title Keywords (Optional):

    • Enter keywords that, when present in your stream title, will enable the timer.
  5. Stream Categories (Optional):

    • Enter categories that, when selected for your stream, will enable the timer.
  6. Response Messages (Optional):

    • Add multiple messages that the timer will cycle through by clicking "+ ADD MESSAGE".

Step 4 - Activate the Timer

  1. Once you've configured all settings, click the "ACTIVATE TIMER" button at the bottom of the timer settings.

  2. The timer will now appear in your list of active timers, where you can easily enable/disable it using the toggle switch.

Step 5 - Managing Timers

  • To edit an existing timer, click the pencil icon next to the timer in the list.
  • To delete a timer, click the trash can icon.
  • Use the search bar at the top to quickly find specific timers.

Tips for Effective Timer Use

  • Keep messages concise and relevant to your audience.
  • Use timers sparingly to avoid spamming your chat.
  • Utilize the chat lines feature to ensure timers only post during active periods.
  • Consider using different intervals for online and offline states to match chat activity levels.

Remember, timers are a powerful tool for maintaining engagement and sharing information, but overuse can be disruptive to your chat experience. Balance is key!